Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Way to go Wisconsin!

After a debate that pitted hope for cures to some of humanity's deadliest diseases against the specter of vats of proto-humans grown for spare parts, the Republican- controlled state Assembly voted Thursday to ban human cloning in Wisconsin.
The bill, which passed on a mostly party-line 59 to 38 vote, now goes to the state Senate.
Lawmakers turned down a provision that would have banned just reproductive cloning - cloning to create an embryo that would result in a child - while allowing therapeutic cloning, or cloning to create cells for research and medical treatments.
Both procedures involve creating a human embryo by injecting a human egg with adult DNA, a practice opponents said they found repellent regardless of the outcome.
And while lawmakers seemed united in their opposition to reproductive cloning, critics - mostly Republicans - said therapeutic cloning is also wrong because the embryo would be destroyed to obtain the coveted blank-slate stem cells researchers say offer promise of cures to diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

and later in the article...
The bill faces a likely veto by Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle if it is passed by the Senate, prompting Democrats to charge Republicans with grandstanding. If they really wanted to ban cloning, said Rep. Marlin Schneider, D- Wisconsin Rapids, supporters would have adopted a ban on just reproductive cloning, which Doyle would sign.

Well that wouldn't have really been a ban then would it?

If you live in Wisconsin you should contact your governor and let him know that he ought not to veto a bill that protects life.