Friday, July 15, 2005

The Dark Side of Stem Cell Politics

The NYTimes opines this morning:
"As the Senate showdown looms, the White House, sensing likely defeat, is playing a political game with Mr. Frist's help by touting a 'third way' proposal rooted in unproven science. The proposal would put federal funds behind the notion that researchers might eventually grow stem cells by using a technique that takes a cell or two from an early embryo without destroying the embryo. Certainly, any promising avenue of research should be pursued, but not at the expense of what is now the most valuable one.
Lawmakers of common sense, never mind academic credentials, will soon have the chance to stand against a policy that has already put the federal government behind several enterprising states. We urge Mr. Frist and his peers not to miss it."

Welcome to the Dark Side! Those of us who care about life from conception to natural death are now firmly defined as belonging to the Dark Side. Not only do we lack academic credentials and common sense, we want to impose "unscientific restrictions" on the noble work of the embryonic stem cell researchers. We are too awful! We must be told to go sit in the corner and shut up.

Now, where is that dunce cap???