Monday, July 25, 2005

Remarkable story

Sunday, family, friends and neighbors of 19 year-old Eric Chase came together in Hastings. Eric was in a dirt bike accident two years ago that paralyzed him from the chest down.

On Tuesday, he'll fly to Portugal for a stem cell transplant, a treatment that may bring back the feeling in his body. Community members raised $90,000 for the operation - a donation Eric calls unbelievable.

'I just can't believe that a small community like this can come together and raise so much money that it just helps out to pay for surgery and therapy costs so it's been great,' Eric said.

His surgery is set for next Friday.

The outpouring of charity is typical of most communities. Nothing really remarkable there, in that we all tend to support our neighbors in time of need. Its a very nice story.

The story is remarkable for what is missing. If Eric is going to Portugal, it is most likely he is going to be a patient of Dr. Lima. Dr. Lima uses the olfactory ensheathing cells found in nasal cavities and has had scientifically documented success, unlike Dr. Huang from China. Another success for adult stem cells and not a single mention in the story. Why not? Because, when he comes back with some feeling/ movement, the press will want you to believe that it was embryonic stem cells that did it. It's called an agenda.