Friday, July 29, 2005

A round up of denouncements

I'll post more as they come up. These seem to be the first out of the bag. Its always brave to make big announcements like this on a Friday at the end of July.

It's the same as saying that we should use condemned criminals for medical experimentation because they're going to die anyway. It is morally incoherent. Senator Frist can no longer count on our support nor the support of the wider Evangelical or Catholic communities.

John Kilner, CBHD President, said, “Senator Frist soundly affirms that embryos are human life warranting the ‘utmost dignity and respect.’ But then he maintains that it is okay to kill them if other people can benefit. The implication is that human beings can be killed if others can benefit. The danger here is glaring!”

Senator Sam Brownback, a Kansas Republican who opposes the stem-cell legislation, said the government should preserve embryos.
``There's a very basic principle that's involved here, and that is whether or not the young human embryo is a life or a piece of property,'' Brownback said.

The statement from someone who seeks the support of the pro-life community [and who once had Presidential aspirations] is very disappointing but not a surprise. It is reminiscent of the speech he gave to the 2004 Republican platform committee, where he squelched open debate on the ethics of embryonic stem cell research, as well as a 2001 Senate hearing testimony where he advocated production of hundreds of human embryonic stem cell lines which would have required destruction of thousands of human embryos. This reflects a unwise and unnecessary choice both for public policy and for respecting the dignity of human life.