Friday, August 26, 2005

Bumper-sticker Politics

I've always maintained (somewhat arrogantly) that if you could fit your entire political philosophy on a bumper sticker, that there was something very wrong with it. Well to prove my point StemPAC has a whole load of banners that you can put up on your blog or web site - a kind of bumper-sticker for your blog.

Here's a great one:

Did you get that? We extremists are keeping babies sick and making others die. (Gee, I kind of thought that was the "pro-choice" side - but I digress from the issue...)

But let's take at look at the true scoreboard:

StemPAC is using people who are suffering. Holding out promises as concrete realities to people who have nothing left but hope. Shame on them! And shame on what their "bumper-sticker" politics is doing to the whole discussion of this issue.