Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Location, location, location

Not just for Real Estate anymore.

The evening that Castle-DeGette passed the house, a group of senators met with Diana DeGette and Mike Castle to take the bill from them to introduce into the Senate. It was a typical "pass the bill"” kind of press conference.

Some of the things the senators statements were rather intriguing. For instance, our supposedly "“pro-life" senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch, pointed out that :
Human life does not begin in a petri dish. It requires and begins in a mother'’s nurturing womb.

In the lab, according to Hatch's logic, the union of a human sperm and a human egg, does not ,in fact, create a human embryo. Said embryo only becomes human when his location changes to that of a woman's womb. At some point in the transfer, human-ness is suddenly (and rather magically to my thinking) imbued into the embryo. It'’s almost miraculous. Move the embryo to a new location and it becomes a whole new entity.

If location can be an attribute used to define what is human, maybe that explains the perception that only sub-humans inhabit fly-over country.