Monday, August 29, 2005

Success of Stem Cell Therapy in Heart Attack Patient

A 61 year-old heart attack patient was successfully treated at Saitama Medical School in Japan, using bone marrow cell transplant. Dr. Shunei Kyo states that this is the first case of heart attack treated with the help of stem cell therapy, and that the patient has already been discharged from the hospital, after having been disconnected from an artificial heart. "

That, it should be noted, would be an ADULT stem cell success... Imagine that! More success for those unglamorous, non-celebrity endorsed, boring, old, adult cells.

Meanwhile, those who support the destructive and dehumanizing forms of embryonic stem cell research have pulled the wool of the eyes of all of us, especially those who suffer from chronic and fatal diseases like this woman:
Candace Coffee, a UCLA graduate student who suffers from a rare ailment called Devic's disease, urged Congress to pass Feinstein's legislation.

"Somatic cell nuclear transfer offers a chance for a cure," she said in a choking voice. "It's a chance for me to lead a normal life. Don't take away my hope."

Cloning is not your best or only hope. It's just not.