Monday, September 26, 2005

At the Heart of Cloning

Here is the conclusion of an excellent article, At the Heart of Cloning, which argues for an inclusive view of personhood: the radical and bold idea that if you are a human being, you are a person.

Nor does the inability to perceive personhood in others serve as proof that it must not be present. One's own lack of clarity does not alter objective reality. Ironically, those who would deny personhood under these circumstances, fancy themselves more sophisticated than their historical counterparts, who condoned atrocities based on appearance. However, they display the same shallow mentality when it comes to contemporary stem cell debates. Once again we witness ignorance and utilitarian motives corrupting what is both rationally and morally obvious, that we can not earn for ourselves, or bestow on others what is already ours by nature.

Our culture's eclipse of reason has resulted in untold suffering and a relentless violation of inalienable rights. The unborn, the elderly, the disabled are all targets of these self-appointed final arbiters of personhood. Inevitably, none of us are immune from their arbitrary judgements. Healing the culture must begin with acknowledging that at conception, a unique, self-possessed human person comes into being. Their future, as well as ours, depends on it.

This article was written by Dan Kennedy who is the CEO for Human Life Washington. He also works with the Center for Life Prinicples. They have been added to the sidebar under the Good Guys button. Very good source of materials, check it out.