Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act

Steven at Spinal Confusion has had an article published in Wired News. Congratulation!

The piece is about how stem-cell politics is holding up the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act (aka Senate Bill 828), which really has nothing to do with stem-cells and is completely controversy free.

Which is true. It is free from embryonic stem cell taint and it is caught up in the politics. People see the name Christopher Reeve and assume that it is about embryonic stem cell research. It's not.

But only because federal funding of embryonic stem cells has been banned. If the senate can pull together a majority to overturn Bush's veto, and S.828 is passed, then there will be a very nice network set up to begin to disseminate funds for unethical research. But should that concern prevent passage of a bill that will contribute to the streamlining of research efforts to find a cure for paralysis? I'm don't think so.