Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Embryonic Cells, No Embryo Needed: Hunting for Ways Out of an Impasse

Jivin' J points out this article on alternate methods of creating embryonic stem cells. He does an awesome job pointing out the colossal arrogance of some of the scientists involved.

But there is more to point out. Like how proponents have a tendency to blind themselves to science by using science. Take this quote for example:
"Yet another group, which includes Dr. Jaenisch, says that for them there is no means-end calculus. Early embryos, they say, are simply microscopic balls of cells with no particular moral status. They have no body parts, they look nothing like a fetus, and most die anyway when they are implanted in women. "

So, scientifically speaking, yes they are a microscopic ball of cells. Pictures of that embryo on the needle tip are all over the Internet. But how can something that isn't alive -- die? And being alive, with all the DNA of a human-- well, wouldn't you take that to mean a live human? It may be a human the size of a microscopic ball of cells, but a living human nonetheless.