Saturday, October 08, 2005

"Mere Water," Potential Life, or Both?

Michael Rosen attempts to highlight the Orthodox Jewish position on embryonic stem-cell research in "'Mere Water,' Potential Life, or Both?" as a means of bringing a "compromise" position into the debate.

Now, I'm all for a "both/and" type of understanding of life; however, if we truly believe that an embryo is human life (even human life with the potential to become more) how does that justify its destruction? How does the fact that it is "potential life", albeit thoroughly human life, justify subjecting it to "utilitarian and intent-based calculi"?

Admitting that the embryo is human life precludes any attempt to manipulate it instrumentally. How? By the very fact of its human-ness.

An Extremist thanks to Minivan Mom for the tip.