Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Supreme Scientist" Superstar

Colleen Carroll Campbell, a fellow with the Ethics and Public Policy Center wrote in the National Review about Hwang a few weeks ago. She clearly illustrates the point that embryonic stem cell research is bad for everyone -- not just the embryos.
In fact, Hwang's lies and lapses are a clear illustration of the ethical problems created by embryonic-stem-cell research: the immense demand for human eggs that threatens to transform desperately poor women into reluctant egg donors; the risks to those women of illness, infertility, and death that may go unmentioned by researchers seeking their eggs; and the dire consequences for a culture that makes a commodity of human eggs, human embryos, and human life itself.

Supporters of embryonic-stem-cell research say that we must destroy life to prolong life, that concern for the welfare of those walking among us demands that we disregard the lives of those waiting to be born. One need not be a religious fanatic to see that there is something deeply disturbing about the might-makes-right logic behind embryonic-stem-cell research, and about societies that regard that logic as dogma and its scientific defenders as demigods.